Membership Riding Away Subsidy -

Member Riding Away Subsidies can be claimed with the application of a subsidy form to the club committee and can only be claimed once in a 12 month period starting from one AGM to the next AGM.


1. Trip must involve at least one overnight stay.

2. Purpose of the trip must be exclusively for mountain biking away from Dorset.

3. A minimum of 6 members (no maximum) can claim in any one trip. There must be a nominated member who shall act as the group leader & point of contact, for the committee.

4. The trip must be advertised at least two weeks in advance by the group leader contacting the committee & posting the details of the trip on the club website ride calendar & Facebook members page.

5. The trip must be open to all members subject to meeting the ride grade conditions. The group leader shall describe the trip on the ride calendar / Facebook, including the type of riding terrain & state whether or not it will be suitable for inexperienced riders.

6. The group leader will submit an application form on which the names of the members taking part must be presented to the committee prior to the trip taking place.

7. Once the trip has taken place, a copy of the receipt for accommodation will be required for the subsidy to be paid. The group leader shall be responsible for distributing the allocated funds.

8. The committee shall have absolute discretion in all matters including but not limited to approval, payment and setting the level of subsidy.