Skills Courses - Dorset Rough Riders

The DRR offers a subsidy to club members, in order to spend on MTB skills training with one of the clubs’ authorised, trained and insured coaches. The subsidy can also be used with other authorised trainers such as Dirt Divas, Katy Curd etc…
The Skills Courses, that we arrange and that are available for booking with the instructor, are for Dorset Rough Riders members only and are subsidised for each member attending. See the small print for more details.

Attendance is on a first come first served basis upon payment to secure the course you would like to do.

The skills course outlines below are designed to ensure you choose the correct course for your level.

You can learn the basic bike handling and core skills needed to tackle technical off road trails with confidence. Learn how to set up the bike, sit correctly balanced, the ready position, select the right gears, correct use of the brakes, climb efficiently and descend safely..

We will cover the following:

  • Bike setup – basics
  • Body position – sitting, ready
  • Gears – cadence, how, when
  • Braking – safely and effectively
  • Cornering – line, body position, braking
  • Climbing – gear selection, body position
  • Descending – body position, braking

Is this course right for me?

You are new to mountain biking and can already ride comfortably on smooth trails such as tow paths, fire trails and easy bridleways. You can ride for at least an hour comfortably.

This is a course for those looking to take their skills to the next level. Learn how to corner with more speed, negotiate steeper terrain, gain confidence and greater control on loose and rough trails and how to tackle small trail obstacles and rollable drops.

  • We will cover the following:
  • Cornering – faster
  • Descending – steeper
  • Riding rough trails and getting over small trail obstacles
  • Drops – rollable up to 12”

Is this course right for me?
You are already confident and competent in all aspects of the basics course. You regularly ride off road and can ride for at least two hours comfortably.

TBA but will cover jumps, doubles, gap jumps, bunnyhops etc.

The small print!

Each single member has a subsidy allowance of £20.00 per person per year running from 1st April to 31st March. If you are part of a family membership you can claim up to £40.00 (essentially 2 single membership subsidies.)

The subsidy can be used for any course we run or an external course (subsidy form and receipt required and to be submitted to the committe after course completion) and is not limited to how many you do – but is limited to a total contribution of £20.00 per year. SUBSIDY FORM for external courses to follow soon.

Cancellations – If we are informed more than a week from the scheduled date we will be happy to re-schedule you on another course or refund your fee.

If you cancel less than a week from the scheduled date, you forfeit the fee – but the committee can also decide if a refund can be given in extenuating circumstances (please request with chairman).

If we cancel for any reason then you can receive a refund or use the payment towards the re-scheduled date.

Logistics – you will be informed, by email, a week prior to your scheduled course. This will detail when and where it will take place and what you need to take with you, by the instructor taking the course, so please check your emails. If you do not receive any details please contact us by email.